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A touch of 🍋 @omradesign 💚

#sustainablefashion #omradesign ♻️

Timeless style meets modern texture in our new designed dresses ❤️

Brigitte mini dress by @omradesign ❤️

#sustainablefashion #omradesign ♻️

Study interior inspiration by @omradesign 🌿

by brazilian architect & designer, Lia Siqueira & Azul Arquitetura 🌳

Photo by Andre Nazareth 🌱
#architecture #interiordesign

Tailoring at its best @omradesign Limoncello oversized suit you’ll love and wear on repeat 🍋💛
100% Premium Natural Sustainable Fabrics ♻️
#omradesign #sustainablefashion

Dress to impress, simply because it's been too long... Sophia midi floral dress 🖤

Check out the New Arrivals from @omradesign, you’ll love every design 🖤
#sustainablefashion #omradesign ♻️

omradesign M🍋🍋D
@omradesign Limoncello suit available on www.omradesign.com 💛

Premium Quality Natural & Sustainable Fabrics ♻️💚

omradesign .com

Start your day in a dress designed with a host of moods and moments in mind.

@chrisadobreanu beautiful in @omradesign Lolita lime silky mini dress with rainbow strings 🍋💛

We are proud to have created another drop of sustainable fashion, using the best natural and conscious fabrics on the European market ♻️✅💚

@omradesign ’s understated elegance. Step out in versatile silhouettes you’ll re-wear forever. 💖
@omradesign fuchsia love bias cut dress soon available on pur shop 💓

OMRA silk chiffon dress 💜

Travel around the world with us 💟

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