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For Buyers

Get any product or service you wish worldwide! Book a hotel room or flight ticket at highest standards but lowest prices!

For Sellers

Sell what you have through our professional and global solutions: ads, posts, portfolio, Heyadoo page, marketing campaigns

Save Time

Save advertising time with automated and newest solutions: external linking and infinite views for ads and posts (with priority in community)

Save Money

Use cost-effective marketing solutions for great results and save money with excellent prices and discounts from both travelling section and from our partners offers


We offer everyone a professional, full online identity and presence so they could easily advertise and grow their companies, online businesses or completing their sales!

What we can offer?

We offer everyone a professional, full online identity and presence so they could easily advertise and grow their companies, online businesses or completing their sales!
Heyadoo puts in everyone`s hand, without exception, a very powerful and accessible tool through which users can access a high level of confort for ads and posting, can build a strong audience for their products and services to be seen with priority, can benefit from discounts and special offers dedicated to the community and more than these, they can make good extra money in very simple ways for their life and companies or can start educating themselves or provide education to the masses.

Easy to Use and to Understand
Heyadoo is designed for EASY-USE! Everyone can handle with searching for ads in marketplace, creating and publishing ads, free posts and users’ content page for followers!
Useful 24/24 hours tool
Using Heyadoo as a marketing or branding channel for your business, your advertisements will always be in the attention of the community and found by keywords on the platform and also outside the platform if someone decides to use one of your content! Heyadoo is more than a trustful assistant for you!
A global friendly community
The Heyadoo`s main network community is designed to offer it`s members a better way of living and find the easiest way to stability. This network generates other communities grouped on businesses, interests, special deals, entertainment, information, socialization, friendship, romance, travelling and e-commerce.
Everyone gets help from system
In Heyadoo you`re not alone! We offer you a unique opportunity to save your time and effort for advertising! Heyadoo uses value-sharing strategies and "one for all and all for one" thinking, leading to much more advertising with priority and the same financial bonuses to everyone in the community!
Our best features:

  • Heyadoo page from which your clients and followers can see all your public content: ads, free posts and portfolio!

  • Portfolio page where you can build an online identity for your business, in which you have a better way of presenting the area of activity, products and services through both videos and most important ads and posts from your full public content!

  • Professional ads in which you can set a number of keywords, pictures and videos, starting and ending dates if necessary, discounts, social media and official website links. You can also set special characteristics designed for gifts, allowing of barters or cryptocurrency.

  • Use of free posts in your community and in the whole platform so your presence could be noticed as frequently as possible by your clients. These posts can also have text, pictures, videos, can be shared in social media and most important can be combined with ads from the marketplace. In this way you could build a full marketing campaign or an automated sale funnel.

  • Helpful marketing and displaying for customers through which you always see a number of ads from your location and known languages. It starts with the ones from your community through which you can see what to buy for you, your family and friends according to their built profile in Heyadoo!

  • We also offer you a quality travel and booking service platform that connects you to a global discount network dedicated to Heyadoo members!


OUR COMMUNITY love us because we offered them a special concept easy to understand, easy to use, an exciting tool all over the world and a big change to get extra money with no time & effort!

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Copyright © 2019 Heyadoo Rights Reserved