Terms and Conditions of Use of Heyadoo.com Platform

The Heyadoo.com platform is under the administration and use of S.C. Heyadoo Global Services S.R.L., headquartered in Romania, Bucharest, Str. Traian Popovici nr. 130, bl. B4, sc. A, et. 5, ap. 24, District 3, registered with the Trade Register under no. J40/1402/2018, Sole Registration Code (CUI) 38788470.

This Statement was drafted in Romanian. In case any contradictions between the Romanian version and any version translated into English or another language occur, the Romanian version will prevail.

Drafting date: ...August 2018


Statement of rights and obligations

This Statement of rights and obligations (the "Statement" or "Terms") derives from the principles that we, the authors of Heyadoo Platform ("Heyadoo"/the "Platform") have and which we ask from all those who join us, including the conditions of use of our services, which govern our relationship with the users and with other entities that interact with Heyadoo, but also the Heyadoo trademarks, products and services, which we hereinafter call the "Services".

By using or accessing the Heyadoo Services, you express your agreement with this Statement, which will be updated as the situations arising in practice will require it, and/or as the legislative changes bring significant modifications which will have to be implemented until a certain deadline.


1. Confidentiality

   Your confidentiality is very important to us. In this respect, we have elaborated the Privacy policy to let you know how your data are processed on the Heyadoo platform.

If you register with your Facebook or Google account, you will automatically align to their privacy policies.

In order to share information to other persons, but also to inform you about the way in which your content and data are collected and used, we encourage you to read the Privacy policy of our platform and to use it in order to be able to make informed decisions, as well as the policies offered by the website through which you register/login or on which you share the content from our platform.


2. Sharing your content and information

The content and the information you publish on the Heyadoo platform belong to you and you are fully liable for them and for the consequences which may arise. In addition:

  1. In case of  content falling under intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically offer us the following permission: you grant us a worldwide non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable license with the right of free reproduction for the use of any content which represents Intellectual Property that you post on Heyadoo or in relation to Heyadoo (IP license). This IP license expires when you delete the IP content or your account unless this content has been shared with other persons and they have not deleted it.

  2. When you delete your IP content, this is deleted in a manner similar to emptying the recycle bin on a computer.

  3. When you publish content or information in the panel of advertisements or on the posting wall, managed from the Heyadoo personal page/when you build the website offered by Heyadoo based on the service packages, you allow all the persons, including those who do not have a Heyadoo account, to access and to use that information, and to associate it with you (for example, your name and profile picture).

  4. Any feedback or suggestion which you give us related to the functionality of the Heyadoo platform will be voluntarily made, without any consideration from Heyadoo. These will be used to improve our services and to adapt them to your needs.


3. Security

We do our best to maintain security on Heyadoo, but we cannot guarantee it. We need your help to maintain security on Heyadoo and this implies the following commitments from you:

  1. You will not post unauthorized commercial advertisements (such as spam messages).

  2. You will not collect content or information of the users using automated means and you will not access Heyadoo in any other way using automated means (such as bot collection programmes, robots, bugs or scraper websites) without our express written consent.

  3. You will not carry out illegal activities like pyramid schemes, only what the platform explicitly allows.

  4. You will not upload viruses or other malicious code components.

 5. You will not request login information and you will not access accounts which belong to other people.

  6. You will not bully, intimidate and you will not harass any user.

 7. You will not post content which: represents a language that incites hatred, is threatening or pornographic; incites acts of violence or contains nudity or images with explicit or unjustified violent content.

  8. You will not develop and you will not use third-party applications that contain materials about alcohol consumption, meetings or other materials for adults (including advertisements) without appropriate age restrictions.

  9. You will not use Heyadoo for illegal, misleading, malicious or discriminatory actions.

 10. You will not take any action which could disable, overload or impair the proper functioning of Heyadoo or the Heyadoo interface, such as denial of service attacks or interference in the rendering of pages or of other Heyadoo functionalities.

 11. You will not facilitate and you will not encourage the breach of this Statement or of our policies.


4. Registration and account security

Heyadoo users, regardless of the registration method, offer their real names and information, and we fight that this does not change. Here are some commitments you make towards us regarding the registration and maintenance of your account security:

1. You will not use Heyadoo if you are under 16 years old.

2. You will not offer your password to anyone, you will not let anyone else access your account and you will not take any other action that could endanger the security of your account.

3. If you select a username or a similar identifier for your account or page, we reserve the right to remove or to claim the page or the account if we consider that this measure is required (for example, in case a trademark owner complaints about a username that is not closely related to that person's real name).


5. Protection of other persons’ rights

We respect other persons’ rights and we expect you to do the same. In this regard, you assume the following:

1. You will not post content and you will not take any action on Heyadoo which breaches other persons’ rights or breaches the law in any other way.

2. We can remove any content and any information you post on Heyadoo, in case we consider that they breach this Statement or our policies.

3. We may delete your content for infringing the copyrights of a third party, in which case we do not assume any responsibility.

4. If you repeatedly breach other persons’ intellectual property rights, we will disable your account if necessary.

5. You will not use our copyrights or trademarks or any other similar marks which may be misleading unless it is expressly permitted by written agreement.

6. If you collect information from the users: you will obtain their consent, you will clearly explain that you (and not Heyadoo) collect their information and you will publish a privacy policy explaining what information you collect and how you will use it.

7. You will not publish on Heyadoo other persons‘identification documents or other sensitive financial information.


6. Mobile phones and other devices

1. Currently, our mobile connection services are free, but remember that the standard rates and taxes of your mobile telephony operator, such as those for SMS or data traffic, continue to apply.

2. You give your consent and you provide all the rights necessary to allow the users to synchronize (including through an application) their devices with any information which is visible for them on Heyadoo.


7. Marketing activities and commissions:

Heyadoo provides advertising services and global displays on a platform where the users publish their own content in accordance with this Statement.

The own content may be uploaded by advertisements created by the users for which a price, details, pictures, video, contact data, categories, attributes and extra information (whether they accept payments in cryptocurrency, barter payments, if they are only valid for a certain time interval or if they represent promotional offers) are set.

Any advertisement which is intended to be added on Heyadoo requires an advertising space in the Panel of advertisements.

The users’ commissions are calculated in EUR, according to the plans chosen by those who register in their community. They have a different percentage depending on the plan chosen by the user.

By choosing a work plan (free of charge or paid), the user also acquires the capacity of promoter of Heyadoo because he earns a commission based on his activity on the platform.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions of the platform and choosing the work plan (free of charge or paid), the user also accepts the rights and obligations arising from this capacity. 

Heyacoins are offered by the Heyadoo system as a reward for engaging in different content addition activities, Heyadoo promotion, social media sharing, completion of each section of the platform as close to the full as possible. The manner in which Heyacoins are accumulated is regulated by a grid for their acquisition which may be accessed in the "Financial" -Wallet section.

Following the successful completion of an activity in the grid, Heyacoins will be automatically accumulated and will be visible in the Wallet. 


8. The contract with the user:

The promotion contract between Heyadoo and the user who chooses a work plan (free of charge or paid) is valid for the duration of validity of the respective plan. If the plan is renewed upon expiry, the contract is appropriately renewed.

The object of the contract is the promotion of Heyadoo services by sharing content existing on the platform (own or not), invitations to the platform and / or share of the special personal link by which the user may increase the community, anywhere and by any means he wishes.

Based on his capacity as user, even when he has a paid plan, he is not obliged to carry out promotional activities (by sharing the content, link or invitations to register on the platform), but if he carries them out and, based on them, he attracts new users who choose a paid plan, he receives the commission corresponding to his plan.

The amount of the commissions is detailed in art. 21 of this statement.

In order to receive the commission, the user must provide a copy of his identity card or an ID card photo of the original and a utility bill or a bank statement for the respective day to go over the procedure "Know your customer". Without this information, the user will not be able to start the electronic wallet of our partners and in this situation he will not be able to receive the commission earned.

The "Know your customer" procedure can be made on the spot through the phone application of the electronic wallet.

After the user goes over the KYC (Know your Customer) procedure successfully, his account becomes a "Verified" account. A "Verified" account has the right to make reviews, to make comments in the Heyadoo public space and to publish posts.

The payment of the commission will be made whenever the user wants, but the Heyadoo platform pays commissions only in multiples of EUR 100. He can withdraw the commission as soon as he accumulated EUR 100 or he can wait to collect a higher amount and then withdraw it.

The Heyadoo community card or any bank or prepaid card from any part of the world may be attached to this electronic wallet.

Heyadoo undertakes to pay the commissions on the deadlines and in the amount stipulated by this Statement, otherwise being liable for non-fulfillment of its obligations.

The User is obliged, according to the tax laws in force, to submit the statements related to the payment of the income tax obtained from commissions and to pay it, Heyadoo being relieved from this obligation. 


9. Payments and receipts

Currently the payments and receipts services are suspended until the contracts necessary for their execution are signed. 


10. About advertisements and other types of commercial content delivered or improved by Heyadoo

Our purpose is to display the users’ advertisements depending on the community where they are located and/or the requirements and the search criteria of the other users and other commercial or sponsored content that is valuable for our users and for the promoters. To help us in this regard, you agree with the following:

1. The advertisements posted on the platform may refer to: products, services, jobs, houses, cars, trips, accommodation, entertainment, other occasional sales of new or used items, statement of intentions, ideas, projects, cryptocurrency, initial coin offering (ICO), social media profiles, blogs, magazines, online or physical stores, clubs, associations, platforms, mobile applications, games, technology, vouchers, dating, network marketing and the like.

2. The advertisements cannot have sexual connotations, descriptions and content that could cause discriminatory situations, they cannot be offensive and cannot concern the promotion of political parties or other similar topics. Heyadoo reserves the right to remove any advertisement that breaches the terms of use or  the applicable legal provisions.

3. We do not offer your content or information to the promoters without your consent.

4. You understand and agree that we may not always identify the perfectly compatible advertisements according the criteria searched by you.

5. Upon publication of an advertisement, our moderators will check its compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the platform. If an advertisement does not meet the conditions imposed, it will be removed from the platform. 


11. Special provisions valid in case of software programmes

1. If you download or use our software, such as an independent software product, an application or a browser plug-in, you agree that, at certain time intervals, the software may download and install upgrades, updates and additional features from us in order to improve, perfect and develop that software.

2. You will not change, you will not create derivative products, you will not decompile and you will not try in any other way to extract the source code from us, unless you are explicitly allowed to do this through an open source license or unless we give you the explicit permission in writing.


12. Amendments

1. We will send you a notice before making any changes to these terms of use and we will give you the opportunity to review and to express your option on the revised terms of use before continuing to use our Services.

2. If we make changes to the policies, instructions or other terms of use referred to in this Statement or which are incorporated into it, we may provide a notice on the main page of the website.

3. If you continue to use the Heyadoo Services after you have received a notice regarding the changes made to our conditions, policies or instructions of use, you implicitly agree to the conditions, policies or instructions changed.


13. The right of withdrawal

By purchasing a work plan or a Heyadoo service package, the right of withdrawal of the user is not granted since our services consist of digital content which is not delivered on a tangible medium, this type of service being exempted from the application of the provisions concerning the right of withdrawal of the consumer according to art. 16 letter m of the Government Emergency Ordinance 34/2014 on the consumers’ rights in the contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for amending and supplementing certain normative acts.

In this regard, by purchasing a work plan on the Heyadoo platform and accepting the Terms and Conditions, the user declares that he understood that he would lose his right of withdrawal.


14. Support terms and warranties

In order to settle the requests/complaints concerning the operation and use of the platform or our services and to ask questions, the users may send an email to the address: support@heyadoo.com.

The requests and complaints will be settled within a reasonable deadline, in relation to the user’s requests. If they are manifestly disproportionate, Heyadoo reserves the right not to answer.

If the platform is not operational for a period of time exceeding 24 hours, for technical reasons or for reasons arising from Heyadoo fault, the user’s paid plan will be extended by the period corresponding to the website downtime. 


15. Partnerships

Heyadoo is open to proposals of partnerships and development opportunities.

If you want to contact us in this respect, we are available at the e-mail address: development@heyadoo.com


16. Termination

If you breach the letter or spirit of this Statement or if you create in any other way risks or a possible legal exposure for us, we can partially or totally terminate the provision of the Heyadoo services to you. We will notify you by email or on your next attempt to access the account. You can also delete your account or disable the application at any time. In such cases, this Statement will terminate, but all the outstanding obligations on the account deactivation/cancellation date remain valid until their discharge following the fulfillment of each and all of them.


17. Disputes

1. You will settle any claim, grounds for suing or dispute (complaint) which you have in connection with us and which arise from this Statement or in connection with Heyadoo or which refer to them exclusively in the competent courts of Bucharest, Romania and you agree to be subject to the jurisdiction of such courts for the settlement of all this kind of complaints. The Romanian laws will govern this Statement, as well as any complaint that may arise between you and us, regardless of the provisions concerning the differences between legislations.

2. If a person makes a complaint against us related to your actions, content or information on Heyadoo, the Platform is exempt from the payment of any damages, and you are exclusively liable for the payment of indemnities and you will protect us from guilt for all the damages, losses and expenses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs) related to such complaint. Although we offer rules for the users’ conduct, we do not control and direct the users’ actions on the Heyadoo website and we are not responsible for the content or information which the users transmit or share on Heyadoo. We are not responsible for any offensive, inappropriate, obscene, unlawful or disputable content in any other manner that could be met on Heyadoo. We are not responsible for the online or offline conduct of any Heyadoo user.



18. Special provisions valid for ALL the users

We do our best to create a global community, with unitary standards for everyone and at the same time to comply with the local laws. The following provisions apply to ALL the users: you agree to the transfer and processing of your personal data in Romania, provided by registration or subsequently, as well as those taken over by logging in with your Facebook or Google account.


19. Other aspects

1. If a part of this statement is found to be unenforceable, the remaining part will be enforceable and in full force.

2. If we cannot apply a part of this Statement, this will not be considered to be an exemption.

3. All the amendments to this Statement and all the exemptions from this Statement must be made in writing and signed by us.

4. You will not transfer any right and obligation which you have under this Statement to other parties without our consent.

5. All our rights and obligations under this Statement may be assigned without restrictions in connection with a merger, acquisition or sale of assets or by operation of law or in any other manner.

6. No provision of this Statement will prevent us from complying with the law.

7. This Statement does not grant beneficiary rights to third parties.

8. We reserve all the rights which we have not explicitly granted to you.

9. When you use or access Heyadoo, you will comply with all the laws in force.


By using or accessing the Heyadoo Services, you agree with our collection and use of your content and information in accordance with the provisions of the laws in force.


20. Heyadoo, platform operating method. What you have to know:

1. Creating an account:

It can be done by direct registration on our platform or through the already existing Facebook or Google+ account.

The data processed at the moment of registration, depending on the registration method chosen, are detailed in the Privacy Policy.  


2. Access to the global platform and profile completion:

After the registration you will receive access to a global platform where you can search for products/services/other advertisements in the areas established by this Statement and in any region (within the limit of the advertisements published by the users), and that is why you will be asked to choose the language you know best and in which you can read and write, as well as the country and the town  where you are.

In order to provide high quality services, to use all the Heyadoo modules and to validly conclude the contract with the users, it is necessary to complete your profile with the data requested after the registration and the access to the global page.

After taking the steps for completing the minimum mandatory profile (country, town, language/languages you know best, in which you can read and write) you can use the advertisement page.

On the main page, called Heyadoo Wall, you have access to the page called "Community" where you can view the advertisements of all those already registered on the platform from the community to which you belong.

After viewing the advertisements in the "Community", you will have the option to view all the advertisements from the website after you activate the pass button from Level 0 to Level 1. If you choose this, the following pages called "All&Searches" and "Suitable" will open.


3. Community:

The community comprises up to 20 users who are connected to each other by a Main User (the one who invited the first person of the community to the Platform).

Each user becomes, in his turn, a Main User if he invites another person who subsequently registers on the platform.

Another community of up to 20 users starts from each User.


4. Search of advertisements:

In the "All&Searches" screen you can search using keywords or other criteria for quick or advanced identification of the advertisements that interest you.

All the advertisements which best match the profile made by you will be displayed in the “Suitable“ screen.

In addition, under Suitable, in the "Advertisements for" section you can also view the advertisements which match the users who accept your friend request or those whose request you accept. Similarly, the friend users in Heyadoo may also view between them the cart of advertisements set as favorite if they have received the individual permission.     


Automatic searches:

The "automatic searches" will start from the "Advanced search" filters and their results will be received by e-mail. The user automatically receives all the advertisements that match the settings of the initial search started by ticking the "automatic search" option.

Heyadoo benefits from automatic searches by which the platform remembers the standard searches set (keywords, other filters) and the results are received by e- mail.

In the e-mail received with the automatic search results, the control commands - "View of target advertisements” and "Stop search" will appear. These are special links which the user may access.

Heyadoo calculates a minimum match score and retains the initial search date from the Wall.

The users receive by e-mail target advertisements which match the search filters stored from the initial search date until present.

When the platform also has other results to display, the programme restores the initial search date as being the last time when it had results to display.


5. Advertisements, own website, user’s page:

Depending on the plan selected, the users may choose between the Basic Plan with 10 advertisements and the Business Plan with 250 advertisements published simultaneously.

The content of the space for the advertisement may be changed at any time and whenever it is wished during the period of validity of the plan.

The standard packages of advertisements are included in the Basic and Business plans, and they can be supplemented by purchasing XtraSpaces services.

The advertisements may be promoted via the GetBig service which is divided into the packages: Advertiser, Professional or Premium.

The users also benefit from a free website where they can publish their own content to promote their activity and they can use the advertisements created in the setup of the website page.  

The personal page contains the entire content published, both the user’s posts and his advertisements.

The page, the website, and the individual advertisements receive a share link that can be accessed by any person, even if he/she does not have a Heyadoo account and from which that person can create his/her account, joining the community of the one who shared one of the links.


6. Levels of the users:

The Heyadoo users may go through 6 Levels: Level 0, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5.

The transition from Level 0 to Level 1 implies the passage through stages which will be detailed below.

From Level 1 to the next ones, the condition is the accumulation of a number of points which will be calculated as follows:

1 point is earned for a user who registers in the user’s community with a Basic plan (on the spot or later);

5 points are earned for a user who registers in the user’s community with a Business plan (on the spot or later).

By registering on the platform, users are at Level 0.

As long as he is at Level 0, the user can only view the advertisements in his community and the cart of favorites. Similarly, he may initiate searches by keywords, categories/sub-categories and characteristics or he may sort by the elements in the list only in his community or in the cart of favorites.

In order to pass to Level 1 he must complete the profile with the mandatory information– location (country, town), the languages he knows –and to review once all the advertisements of the people in his community.

At the end of the list of advertisements from his community, the user finds a button by which the Level 1 is activated.

After passing to Level 1, he may view other 2 sections called “Suitable” and „All&Searches”.

Level 1 allows the users to share their advertisements/posts/personal website, but also those of the other users in order to obtain the commission.

At Level 1, the commission obtained from the community’s activity is limited to EUR 250/month.

The passage to Level 2 is conditioned by the accumulation of a number of 10 points.

At Level 2, the commission obtained from the community’s activity is limited to EUR 1,500/month.

The passage to Level 3 is conditioned by the accumulation of a number of 50 points.

At Level 3, the commission obtained from the community’s activity is limited to EUR 5,000/month.

The passage to Level 4 is conditioned by the accumulation of a number of 100 points.

At Level 4, the commission obtained from the community’s activity is limited to EUR 10,000/month.

The passage to Level 5 is conditioned by the accumulation of a number of 250 points.

At Level 5, the commission obtained from the community’s activity is unlimited.

The amounts exceeding the limits of the level will be used for humanitarian purposes. 


21. Heyadoo plans and other services:

The Heyadoo paid plans are annual subscription services.

1. Basic: Free:


- global search through Ads

- publishing own Ads unavailable


- creating and publishing Posts available

- Publications limit: 365, 3 Posts/day

- Reload: 5 EUR;

Heyadoo Page:

- Following available

User account:

- referral link available

- 3% commission from 20 lines

- earn Heyacoins (10 for joining the club)

- 1 automatic search at once


2. Business: 20 EUR/year

Basic options included

+ Portfolio


- publishing own Ads available:

- Ads panel : 10 Ads available at once

- Ads/Publications limit: 50

- Characters keywords limit: 30 per Ad

- Reload: 12 EUR

- Targeted campaigns (Best match for Ads).

- Internal and External presence of Ads


- Publications limit: 1000, 5 posts/day

- Reload: 10 EUR

User account:

- Earn Heyacoins (50 for purchasing)

- 1% cash back for Heyadoo booking services

- 1 automatic search at once


3. Premium: 50 EUR/year

Business options included +


- publishing own ADs available

- ADs panel : 50 ADs available at once

- ADs/Publications limit: 200

- Characters keywords limit: 50 per AD

- Reload: 36 EUR


- Publications limit: 2000, 10 posts/day

- Reload: 15 EUR

User account:

- Earn Heyacoins (200 for purchasing)

- 2% cash back for Heyadoo booking services

- 2 automatic search at once

- +5% bigger discounts from platform’s partners


4. Other services:

A. Promotional plans:

These plans are valid for a period of 3 months from the platform launch date.

EARLY BASIC (EUR 15/year): - apart from the benefits from the Basic Plan, the commission is increased, in the sense that the user of this plan benefits from a commission of 40% of the price of any work plan and/or product which the users directly brought by him choose and the 20th part of the price of the plans from the network of 20 users which is formed under him, once he becomes a main user, in both cases. Upon renewal, the Early Basic plan is valid and may be kept throughout the entire life of the user.

- he receives 1,000 Heyacoins upon purchase;

- he receives voucher codes for the Get Big promotion packages (2 Premium, 5 Professional, 10 Advertiser) which he can introduce in the “Getbig” page,


EARLY BUSINESS (EUR 50/year): - apart from the benefits from the Business Plan, the commission is increased, in the sense that the user of this plan benefits from a commission of 50% of the price of any work plan and/or product which the users directly brought by him choose and the 20th part of the price of the plans from the network of 20 users which is formed under him, once he becomes a main user. Upon renewal, the Early Business plan is valid and may be kept throughout the entire life of the user.

- he receives 5,000 Heyacoins upon purchase;

- he receives voucher codes for the Get Big promotion packages (5 Premium, 12 Professional, 25 Advertiser) which he can introduce in the “Getbig” page,


B. XtraSpaces:

Additional spaces for advertisements may be added to any of the plans bought (Basic, Business, Early Basic, Early Business) by purchasing one of the following packages:

5 additional spaces: EUR 2;

10 additional spaces: EUR 3;

25 additional spaces: EUR 5.

These are valid during the maintenance or improvement of the work plan by which they have been purchased.


C. Promotion of advertisements - GetBig:

The GetBig promotion packages may be purchased for each separate advertisement for a period of 30/60/90 days, as chosen.



Prices - 30 days: EUR 5; 60 days: EUR 8; 90 days: EUR 10.

- 3rd position in results

- presence in automatic search

- presence in Postswall



Prices - 30 days: EUR 10; 60 days: EUR 16; 90 days: EUR 20.

- 2nd position in results

- Advertiser advantages included+

- presence in Attachments for Posts



Prices - 30 days: EUR 20; 60 days: EUR 32; 90 days: EUR 40.

- 1st position in results

- Professional advantages included+

- presence in external links for ADs and Posts


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